Thursday, April 09, 2009

More Pink Towels

Towels 4 and 5 are woven with the peach weft, and so the patterns are much more "legible" than the towels with the pale blue-violet weft.

Here's Towel #4, with a pattern I really like - it reminds me of fans, or maybe fish scales, or ...

And in close-up:

Towel #5, which is about half woven, uses the fleur-de-lis design (draft here), which I'm less fond of. The photos I took this evening weren't in focus, probably because of poor lighting, and when I tried it with the camera flash, the pattern just disappeared. I'll try again tomorrow in full daylight.


Laura said...

Hi Sandra,

The pattern is very nice. Yummy!



neki desu said...

i'm not a pink person, but the pattern in #4 is so cool i can take the pink :)

neki desu