Monday, April 27, 2009

Towels 15 and 16

Towel 15 uses the same pale violet weft as 13 and 14, so the design is pretty subtle - diamonds in a border, with the body of the towel being 2/2 broken twill.

And finally! A design you can see easily! This is a repeat of towel #2, but because the weft contrasts strongly with the warp both in hue and in value, it reads.

In a comment on towel #2, Charlotte said the design looked Scandinavian. She's right, it does have that look. I've no idea what the origin of the draft was, it's one of my finds.

At this point, with (probably) one more towel to go after this one, I'm digging into my stash of already-dyed, approximately-the-right-grist leftovers. The thing about leftovers is that there's usually not enough yardage for a single scarf/towel/whatever, so this may end up being a bread-basket cloth. Only the loom goddess knows, and she ain't telling!

The last piece on this warp will most likely end up woven with weft stripes, to use up all the pastel wefts I dyed for this project, since there's not enough of any of them to do anything else with. Let's see. If I apply enough weight data and math, I can determine how many stripes of what width it'll take to weave a 30-inch towel...and whether I've got enough leftovers to accomplish the task. I've definitely got enough weft for the hems, in a pale pink that matches the warp, so it's just the body of the towel I need to account for.

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Laura said...

Feels great to use up leftovers! ;)