Sunday, May 31, 2009

Towels 12 and 13

Towel 12 is woven, and 13 is well underway. Here's 12 from the front:

The treadling for this towel produces similar shapes as in towel 11, but without the ripples; it has a 5-end advancing twill treadling, while 11 had advancing offset points.

Towel 13 has ripples. Here are front and side views:

Here's another look at towel 10, as it winds back onto the cloth storage beam. This is the one with the advancing curlique shape in the treadling:

It's interesting to note that at the outer edges, the blue and green warps are making similar shapes, but in between they diverge. That's because in the threading, at the beginning and end, the two design lines are nearly parallel but in the middle they are very different.

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