Thursday, July 02, 2009

In Other News...

...of the more mundane variety, the current warp is sleyed. I found it a very slow, painstaking process, because of the warp color sequence.

I wound the warp holding 6 threads at a time - 2 each of light blue, teal, and navy. I made a 3x3 threading cross. While threading, I'd pull over the next 3 heddles and place them roughly in order, then grab 3 threads from the lease sticks and thread the heddles. Hopefully in the right heddle order AND the right color order. With the computer's assistance, the first part isn't difficult; the second part just means paying attention and threading A, B, & C in that order.

When it came to sleying the reed, things got more complicated. I'm sleying 4 ends per dent in a 20-dent reed. So each dent gets one light blue, one teal, and one navy thread, plus another. The first dent has 2 light blue ends (A, B, C, A); the next has 2 teal ends (B, C, A, B), and the one after that has 2 navy ends (C, A, B, C). With a threading that's all over the map, having no easily discernable order like straight draw or advancing twill, it becomes really important to check and double-check each 4-thread group for crossed threads. I'm hoping I got it right, and won't have to stop and fix sleying errors when I'd rather be weaving!

I've decided to sacrifice one scarf's worth of the warp and weave several small hangings. As usual, they'll all use different weft colors and different treadlings, so they should look different but related, and make a reasonable series. If they turn out well, and if I think I have a hope of being accepted in the "decorative fiber" category in the big show applications, I should be able to have photos ready for the ACC deadline of July 31st.

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Peg in South Carolina said...

Your work is always "decorative." The issue is weaving in a hangable format and creating a series out of it. I'm glad to see you doing that.