Thursday, August 20, 2009


Tien Chiu spent a couple of days here this week. While she was here, DH made some modifications to her AVL workshop dobby loom warp beam, which had a misalignment problem that made sectional warping difficult. I'm hoping to hear that the mods have cured the problem. DH also made an adapter so Tien can use her powered pirn-winder to wind cones.

We had a good time talking about weaving, although no actual weaving took place (unlike her visit to Laura Fry, during which Tien wove up a storm). This visit, we hovered in front of the computer and looked at interleaved threadings and talked through various issues thereof.

In my scarves, each of the design lines is a network twill on a 4-end initial. However, when you interleave two different design lines, each must be on a different "network," or there will be doubled threads at the places where the lines cross, which would be obvious in the finished cloth and look like a mistake. Interleaving three design lines makes the process more complicated, and it's tricky to place the third line so it (A) plays nice with the other two and (B) makes a draft that actually looks good.

I'm in the process of trying to design the next warp to go on the 24-shaft loom, hoping to create a 3-design-line draft. It won't go on the loom soon, because I still have to dye the yarns with the wood-chip dyes that are currently soaking in the studio, and because we're leaving on a 10-day holiday this weekend. Not only that, I've got a couple of warps ready to go onto the 8-shaft Glimakra, which need to be woven off before I sell the loom to make room for the jacquard.......

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