Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jacq3G User's Group on Yahoo

I've started a user group for owners of Jacq3G looms on Yahoo. If any of my readers currently own a Jacq3G loom, or are in the process of purchasing a Jacq3G, please go to:

to join.

Quoting the mission statement I put on the group's home page, "The purpose of this group is to provide a forum for weavers using the AVL Jacq3G loom to share their experience and expertise with fellow Jacq3G users.

Membership in the list is limited to weavers who already own an AVL Jacq3G loom, are in the process of purchasing one, or are evaluating the various jacquard-type handlooms available on the market and want to compare other looms to the Jacq3G.

Discussions on this list should focus on the loom hardware, loom driver, JacqPoint or other jacquard design software, and any other issues specific to owning and operating the Jacq3G loom."

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