Friday, October 02, 2009

A New Warp on the 24-Shaft AVL

I haven't woven on the AVL since just before the ACC show in August, and I've got a couple of projects I want to weave before the jacquard arrives.

The first project went on the loom surprisingly fast, partly because it was a short-for-me 7-yard warp, and partly because it's only 240 ends of 10/2 cotton sett at 24 epi. Wow! I'd forgotten how quick it is to beam, thread, sley, and tie on warps like this! The whole process was complete in an afternoon, and tomorrow I'll start weaving.

Even the fact that it's black yarn wasn't a problem. I'm lucky to have a row of 3 windows behind me as I thread, and 2 lamps mounted on the loom plus one halogen torchiere beside the loom (gives great bounce-light off the ceiling) to give the sunlight a boost.

This warp is going to be a series of small (10x10 inches) panels. Here's a screenshot of the first panel:

More as the project proceeds.

Next up on the Glimakra is a small rug woven of Pendleton selvedges. Not the felted wool selvedges, the chenille-like cotton selvedges. These are in navy and white, mostly navy. I'm planning to use navy cotton rug warp, which will also be 2 shots of weft in between selvedge weft shots. At some point in the distant past, I did weave 3 little rugs out of the felted wool selvedges - that's what Gracie likes to rearrange.

This stuff is quite different, and should make a good fuzzy-bath-mat-type rug. I've been wanting to get the [huge] bag of selvedges out of the stash closet for a while, and now it's gonna get used up. Since I've got no experience calculating how much rug yarn makes how big a rug, it'll be an adventure! I've no idea whether it'll make 2 rugs, or just 1. Just to be safe, I'll put on enough warp for 2 rugs, and see how it goes.

Once that's done, the Glimakra will go on the market to be sold.


Connie Rose said...

Can't wait to see that woven up, Sandra. It's so Escher! Fabulous!

neki desu said...

yes we want to see more :)
i had also forgotten about the easiness of a 240 thread warp