Friday, December 18, 2009

AVL Temple Roller

Here's a close-up of the AVL roller temple that we installed yesterday. As you can see, it has 3 rings of teeth set at an angle. As the cloth advances, the angle of the teeth pulls the selvedge outward. If needed, I could add 3 more rings of teeth, or rings with different size teeth. I doubt I'll need more rings, but I may investigate the other sizes of available teeth in case there are versions more appropriate than these for fine cloth.

In a message on WeaveTech, Sara von Tresckow said that industrial temple rollers have covers. I think I need to ask AVL about that - those teeth are SHARP!


Life Looms Large said...

Thanks so much for all of these great pictures of your loom and various loom parts! Such a great resource!!


Alice said...

So your loom has teeth, hooks, knives, and a beater. Better be careful!

Sandra Rude said...

Yep. It's dangerous. Even if it weren't for all the sharp instruments, this toy is terribly addictive. The housekeeping around here is gonna suffer :-)

neki desu said...

nice toothed gadget. do i see an O there? :)
never mind the housekeeping, leave it for when you get depressed.

BruceWeaveBlog said...

After my first few encounters with AVL rotary temple I learned to be very respectful of those sharp little teeth. On the bright side, the rotary temple works like a dream.

Anonymous said...

Any possibility of mounting the rollers on the underside of the metal bar that supports them? (thus putting the teeth out of scraping range)

I have an AVL40 and the temple rollers, but I've never mounted them thus far.