Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back from San Diego

I had a good time visiting with the members of the San Diego Creative Weavers Guild. And some of them had a good time trying on scarves:

The program was entitled The Magic of Interleaved Threadings, and I described the process I use to design interleaved threadings, the resulting cloth, and the what-if experimentation I do with my weaving software to create a variety of startlingly different designs on the same threading. One warp, one threading, many one-of-a-kind scarves.

After the program, I headed north to Oceanside, where I delivered and assembled the Glimakra loom to its new owner. I look forward to seeing what she weaves with it!


neki desu said...

what fun, a try and ooze session!

Deanna said...

Sandra, thank you SO much for coming to San Diego. I enjoyed getting to meet you and have time to talk, and I thought your program was marvelous. Color handouts were the extra bonus! Your scarves are just gorgeous and your work is fascinating. Thanks!