Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Last of the First Warp

After weaving all of the [confidential] panels on the first warp, plus a few gratuitous others, I decided to use up the last of the warp on an image interpreted in shaded satins.

Because the warp was such a loose sett (a requirement of the confidential project) an 8-shaft satin, with its possible 7 shades of grey, wasn't remotely a possibility. I could have just let the wefts pack in, but that would mean the light greys would be even lighter, and the dark greys would be light - too much weft in relation to the warp.

So I fiddled with an image that had enough contrast (I hoped) to render nicely in shaded 5-end satins. This warp was only *slightly* sleazy for 5-end satins :-)

Here's the original image:

And the image reduced to 4 shades of grey:

And the weaving, which has a weft of tussah silk, which I thought was a nice lion-ish sort of shade:

It's amazing how much detail can be captured with only 4 shades of grey.

I would have given this to my sister, whose birthday is in August, making her a Leo (and a Leo who avidly collects lions), but there are still too many lifting errors requiring needle weaving. I'll weave her another copy on the next warp, at a more appropriate sett for 8-end satin, giving more detail, and keep this as a sample.

Also, I doubt that I can weave much more on this draft, because the apron knots are getting within 20 inches of the rear-most heddles, and it's time to wind the new warp and start the tying-on process. (Hear that, Neki?)


Janet said...

Happy New Year! Looks like you are enjoying your new loom. Best wishes for taming the errant hooks.

Laura said...

Truly amazing!


Connie Rose said...

That is SO beautiful, Sandra! If I were still weaving, I'd be seriously envious of your new loom. As it is, knowing I would/could never have one is why I moved on to other artistic pursuits. I'm looking forward to all that you produce on it!

neki desu said...

yup! i take my hat off to you:)
leo is wonderful.