Sunday, January 24, 2010


The knots are all knotted and pulled through heddles and reed. Here, I'm about to remove both pairs of lease sticks:

And here's a bout of 60 warp threads, 10/2 on the left, and 20/2 extending through the reed, which is off camera to the right.

Here, the bouts are trimmed just above the knots and tied into pigtails in front of the reed:

Leaving me with a pile of 10/2 thrums, with knots on each one:

The pieces aren't long enough to do anything useful with. I considered using them in a card-weaving project, but at around 1 yard in length, they're too short even for bookmarks. and at the moment, I'm not in the mood to tie more knots - 960 was enough for now, thank you very much.

Tomorrow I'll re-sley at a density appropriate for this warp: 60 epi if possible, maybe 50 or 55. The AVL literature says that 80 epi and up is possible on this loom. However, I've rotated the modules to their closest position and somewhere around 60 epi the protruding parts on one module begin to interfere with the hooks on the next module over. We'll have to figure a way to persuade the modules to stay in proper position.


neki desu said...

lighting sparklers over here!
perhaps an embroiderer could use your thrums.

Deanna said...

1 yard thrums are great for kumihimo braids. Congrats on the progress!