Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Another Weave Blanket

This one is for weft-backed satin with 4 weft systems. (See Chapter 11 in The Woven Pixel.) Each colored oval has one of the 4 wefts weaving 1/7 satin, and the background weaves 7/1 satin. Because of the 4 wefts, the background has a lot more flecks of weft color showing than a regular, single-weft 7/1 satin. I suspect one could easily make the background into a 15/1 satin (half as many interlacing points) thereby reducing the appearance of weft color on the face without much degradation of the stability of the cloth......... Hmmm. Something else to try.

The leftmost oval is weft A on the face, the oval to its right is weft B on the face, and so on. That second oval is majorly disfigured by a group of adjacent warps that got stuck in the "up" position, making long floats in the warp-faced areas above and below the oval, and lesser lifting errors in the weft-faced area inside the oval. You can see these more clearly if you click the image to display the full-sized version.

Tomorrow, the nice folks from AVL are paying me a visit to observe these (and other) mechanical and/or electronic issues. We all hope for quick resolution to these problems!

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neki desu said...

yes, hoping they visit with the solve mode on.