Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gold Maple Leaves

Another image of leaves, this time they're big-leaf maple leaves. The image is based on a photo I took a few years ago at a rhododendron garden in Olympia, Washington. It's a private garden, planted by the homeowners, but they welcome visitors during rhodie season (usually April through June). When my mother was still alive, we made a trip to the area every year just to take her to see the gardens. Even when it became a physical struggle for her to walk all the way around the grounds, she wanted to see the gardens. Here's the original image:

After some manipulation in Photoshop, and a decision to substitute gold yarn for the areas that are grey in the image, here's the weaving on the loom:

By the time I was part-way through the leaves, the aspens were visible under the loom:

At this point, I'm almost finished with the current warp. There's enough length left for one smallish piece, then it's time to rewarp. It'll be the same 20/2 black mercerized cotton, and probably the same sett (51 epi - 3 per dent in a 17-dent reed) because I have a few more images I want to weave using the same combination of structures, and this sett is working well for them. I suppose 50 epi would do just fine, but my 10-dent reed leaves much more obvious reed marks, so I'll stick with 51 in a finer reed.


Laura said...

Maybe I missed this in another post - what weight of weft are you using? 20/2 cotton as well?

The leaves look great (and I'm not just saying 'cause I'm Canadian!) :D


Benita said...

I think this one is my favorite so far. I love the gold color against the green. Since I will never own a jacquard loom, I am finding all of this fascinating!