Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Samples

The main piece for the Designing Weavers project is woven, and also the short piece to use as a dye process sample.

Once those were done, I wove the first of a couple of samples for Tien Chiu's wedding banner. This is the heavier of the two yarns she sent to me for the banner (shown here on the cone).

I'm happy with the font we chose - it stands out very well against the ground, with plenty of detail, no serifs getting lost in the weave.

The structures are 1/7 and 7/1 satin for the pattern and ground, respectively. There's a narrow border on both sides of 4/4 satin, whose function is similar to the seed stitch or garter stitch edging on a swatch knit in stocking stitch - it keeps the edges from rolling emphatically toward the back of the cloth.

The gold thread shows quite a lot in the ground, so I'm thinking about weaving another sample using weft-backed satin with 2 wefts. One shuttle will carry black 20/2 cotton for the black weft-faced ground areas, and one will carry gold thread for the (also weft-faced) pattern areas.

That's for tomorrow. Tonight, we're dining on lobster, with molten chocolate cake for dessert. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.


neki desu said...

good for you! lobster is such a celebration dish enjoy.

Laura said...

I'm really impressed with how crisp the letters look.