Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring? Yes, Please!

I'm hoping this means Spring is about to arrive:

They just popped in the past few days. How can anybody be less than cheerful faced with a hillside of these? I'd bring a vase-worth of 'em inside, but I love the view out the window of a slope covered with daffs. It's a 6-of-one, half-dozen-of-the-other sort of choice.

In other news, I've been designing a weave blanket for samitum with 3 wefts. Here's the file with the areas filled with color:

Each area is intended to be covered by one or more wefts. The trick, of course, is picking up the shuttles in the right order so the colors appear where you expect them to.

And here's the file with the areas filled with structure:

Because the 3 wefts count as one, the file has to be stretched 3X vertically so it will weave at the correct aspect ratio. For the sample, I didn't choose a number exactly 3X, just a number divisible by 3 that's big enough so the areas will be legible.

It's a case of faith, pure faith. Until the shuttles start across the web, only the weaving goddess knows what will happen. Remember the song "I'm a believer?"


Janet said...

Spring? It may take months for the huge mounds (mountains?) of snow to disappear.

Thanks for sharing the planning processes for the color sampling.

neki desu said...

well, at least it's arriving for here still cold and rainy