Sunday, April 18, 2010


Today I didn't feel like threading the jacquard, so I took a holiday and sorted out three threading errors on the 24-shaft loom (heddles out of order, but the color rotation was correct) and zoomed through the first 800 picks of Feathers #1 in just a couple of hours:

The warp is navy, light-medium grey, and natural 50/2 silk, in a three-thread rotation. The weft here is bright royal blue 100/2 silk. Because it's only half the size of the warp, which is very closely sett at 72 epi, the weft doesn't add a whole lot of bright blue to the design, just a whisper.

It's been a few months (October?!?) since I wove anything on this loom, so it's taking a while to get the feel of the fly shuttle back into muscle memory. Especially so because I'm trying to reverse hands - flick the shuttle cord with my left hand and move the beater with my right.

I can see from the photo that the beat is still a little uneven. That usually becomes a moot point during wet finishing, as yarns slither into the path of least resistance.

The splotch of yellowish brown in the upper right of the photo is a reflection off something, and exists only in the camera's tiny brain - really, it's not in the cloth! Honest!

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neki desu said...

wish my uneven beat be like yours.
funny how the electronic mind works, ask your jacquard.