Monday, April 05, 2010

One More Piece, Then an Empty Loom

I wove one more piece on the current warp, based on a photo taken at Mt. Revelstoke National Park in Canada. The park is just west of Banff National Park, about halfway between Calgary and Vancouver. It has everything from old-growth cedar rainforest (as in this image) to top-of-the-mountain alpine scenery.

After this piece was woven, I cut off the six pieces on the warp, leaving over half the yardage on the warp beam. Then Mike, the AVL tech, arrived, removed all the jacquard modules, and took them back to the factory for a refurb. I should get them back in about a week.

Usually, the phrase "an empty loom" means that there's no warp on it. This time, it means quite literally an empty loom - nothing but the frame is left!

There's a warp still there, and some dangling power and data cables, but that's it.

In the meantime, I've got a busy week ahead. I'm almost halfway threaded on the 24-shaft loom. I now have 6 new jacquard pieces to mend, wet finish, hem, and insert hanging rods so that I can show them at the Conference of Northern California Handweavers next weekend. We're vending there, and I want to have as many jacquard pieces to show as I can.

We leave on Thursday, and the conference (and the conference marketplace) begin Friday. If you're attending the conference, come say hello - we'll be in booth #312.


Dianne Dudfield said...

Does that mean you have to rethread? What a bother!

neki desu said...

my oh my!! one leaves for a few days and comes back to this amazing production. not only in quality, but also in quantity.

Laura said...

That warp sure seemed to zoom by! Will watch with interest when you get the next one on.

Hope CNCH is great and that you have a good time.


Anonymous said...

So glad you are bringing them to CNCH. I look forwar to seeing them.

Benita said...

Good luck!!!