Thursday, April 22, 2010

What a Difference a Weft Makes

The second scarf in the Feathers series uses a sort of copper-colored weft, 60/2 silk I think. I was going to use a light buff brown, but it turned out I didn't have quite enough - the cone ran out before I had half the pirn wound, so I had to punt.

Luckily, I've got lots of "one-scarf's-worth" leftovers. The effect couldn't be more different! If I didn't know it was the same warp, I wouldn't believe that it was. This weft is only a little finer than the warp (not 1/2 the size as in the previous scarf) and its influence is much stronger.

Blue and orange make brown, so the navy warp becomes dark brown combined with this weft. The grey warp becomes a greyed brown, and the natural becomes a light brown. Here's a closeup:

Threading the jacquard is still a task-in-progress - I got to a point somewhere in the middle of the 7th module by dinnertime. Getting closer - I hope to be weaving on the jacquard again by the weekend.


Connie Rose said...

So beautiful, Sandra!

neki desu said...

24 little hours...:)
the colors are very attractive and i'm guessing that from an angle you can see a tad of navy. color is a source of wonder isn't it?