Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Banner is Woven!

The last 500 picks of the banner went fairly quickly. Here's a look at the top part of the banner, with the bride and groom's names, followed by the top hem and a few shots of waste yarn. You can clearly see the difference between the body of the banner, with 1 black and 1 gold metallic weft, and the hem, with 2 black wefts.

I love how crisp and clean the text is - this structure lets even the thinnest lines of the font read clearly. Under the unwoven warp, you can see through to the reverse side of the banner, where (duh!) there's black text against a gold ground.

Next up: the photo of my aunt Aileen with me and my sister, making flower crowns, which I've posted about in 2008. The image began as several black-and-white photos, each less than 2 inches on a side. Because Aunt Aileen had a funny expression on her face in one photo, and Barbara and I were acting up in the other, I Photoshopped Aunt Aileen's head from one photo into the other so we all looked presentable in the same shot.

Before I quit for the day, I had woven up to my knees (toy car included). Photo tomorrow. We have guests coming on the weekend, and I thought this weaving would be a good one to show the jacquard at work. One shuttle is much quicker than two, and should keep people interested.

Between now and then, I'll work on the Feather Series scarves when I have a break from house cleaning and other general prep work.

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neki desu said...

absolutely lovely garlands make you girls look like fairies.