Saturday, May 08, 2010

Tien's Wedding Banner

Today I began the wedding banner. The structure is weft-backed satin with 2 wefts. In the bottom hem, both wefts are black; in the body of the banner, one is black, the other gold metallic. In this shot, the bottom hem has rolled its way around to the bottom of the sandpaper beam so you can't see the difference between the two areas.

I took another picture a little later, when more of the "double happiness" symbols are visible, and the date has rolled under the sandpaper beam:

There were a number of hook errors when I first started weaving, but by the time I quit for the day the loom had settled down and was weaving with much greater accuracy. Thank heavens! I don't want to do any more needle-woven repairs than necessary!


Laura said...

Absolutely gorgeous. :)


Connie Rose said...

Awesome, Sandra!

Anonymous said...


Looking very good. I like the date!! Tien chose a date that I can remember.


Tien Chiu said...

Looking great! I'm so excited to see it taking shape! (And can't wait to hang the finished banner up at the wedding!)


neki desu said...

Tien is one lucky happy person!