Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Inspiration is Always Close at Hand

Since we got back from Santa Monica, I haven't had time to do much besides bookkeeping and laundry. However, in an effort to have several images queued up to weave once I finish beaming the next jacquard warp, I've been finding design ideas at my fingertips:

The petunias are growing in a hanging basket in the courtyard, and will be woven with yellow, violet, and green wefts on a (guess what?) black warp.

Also, although it's near the end of the phalanopsis orchid season, this one is holding tightly to its flowers, and asked to pose in front of a fern:

I've got green, fuchsia, and white yarns ready and waiting in the stash.

There are a few more images for the Trees & Leaves series, then these will find their way onto the loom.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw your post on WeaveTech - hooray for reaching the top of the list!! And those petunias are amazing; what an eye-catching design that will be!