Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Inspiration

DH and I spent last weekend in Los Angeles, to attend his 40th high school reunion and to spend Father's Day at his parents' home.

Their home has some interesting things in the garden, and every time we visit I find something to photograph. This visit it was the hydrangeas - both the standard pink (or blue, depending on the pH of the soil) and the lace-cap type.

Here are a few images based on the photos I took, indexed to a small number of colors (appropriate for weaving with either 2 or 3 wefts) and ready to have weaves applied:


Laura said...

Gorgeous. I didn't realize it was the pH of the soil that determined colour. :)
Learn something new every day. :D


neki desu said...

the more abstract ones speak to me.
they'll make gorgeous weavings avl permitting