Monday, June 28, 2010

Yarns for the Next Project

I've finished dyeing and winding onto cones the yarns I'm using for the next run of Fire Series scarves on the 24-shaft loom.

The draft combines a big swooping curve and a networked zigzag interleaved in the threading. The treadling in this drawdown is the same networked zigzag, but each of the 4 scarves in the run will have a different treadling.

These are the warp colors:

And the wefts will be four chosen from this group:

The loser is probably the right-front cone, an unusual yarn made by twisting 3 different colors of tramm silk together very loosely. Tramm is unspun, unplied filament silk and combining the three strands hardly qualifies as spinning or plying. Two of the colors in this yarn are awfully close to the warp colors, so I'm not sure it'll do much for the final look of the cloth.


neki desu said...

the yarn looks lovely, but you know colors very well :)

Stef said...

Awww, cutesie-pie unwanted cone of reeled silk... I'd give it a loving home! ;-) It's something I really wanna weave with one day, but extremely hard to get here.
I'm curious to see how the scarves will look like, watching your blog teaches me how a draft is NOT the whole story and what else to look for :-)