Monday, July 26, 2010

Back at the Loom

The second scarf on the Fire warp is in progress. It shows a lot of iridescence, if viewed from different angles. From the side, or the front, what you see is large areas of color, which is the big swooping curve in one of the warps interacting with the zigzag of the treadling. 


From a diagonal angle, those large areas are broken up into smaller shapes, created by the zigzag shape in the second warp interacting with its twin in the treadling.

The weft is the one I thought I wasn't going to use - tram silk consisting of three different hues loosely twisted together. Two of the three hues are similar to the two warp colors, and although the weft almost disappears, it does influence the cloth by adding a little shimmer due to the moire effect of the tricolor yarn.

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neki desu said...

kind of zen regardless the colors:)