Thursday, July 08, 2010

Gazpacho To Be

We're going to a potluck dinner party tomorrow. It'll be a big gathering of a wine-appreciation group - probably 30 people. The hosts provide the main course, and the attendees bring wine to coordinate with the main, and a contribution to the dinner (appetizer, side dish, salad, dessert, etc.).

Inspired by Neki's recipe and the availability of tomatoes and peppers from the farmer's market, I embarked on scalding, cutting, and chopping.

There are more tomatoes, but they're already in the boiling water, getting ready to peel. The light green pepper is slightly picante - not hot, just more intense than a Bell pepper.

To Neki's recipe, I added some paprika (both smoked - our new fave spice - and hot), and a little garlic.

So far, it tastes great - but I'll check the seasoning again after it's had time to chill.

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neki desu said...

YES!!! the yellow pepper tones down the red adding sweetness and the light green one adds spice and spunk. YUMMMM
watch out new career in sight, everyone will want you as their caterer :)