Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ACC Aftermath and Silver Linings

Sales at the ACC show were dismal. I sold 3 scarves (all from the Feathers Series) and 1 jacquard hanging. All the artists I spoke to had the same experience - all the customers' pockets (or pocketbooks) were velcro'd tightly shut. This !%$#@ economy is wreaking havoc on discretionary spending, which is hardly a surprise. I didn't quite sell enough to cover the booth fee.

However, not all is lost, and here's the silver lining: First, the person who bought the hanging was absolutely thrilled with it, and knew the perfect place in her new home to put it. Second, I handed out about 75 flyers about the Woven Portraits, and already have two orders, one of them received by email during the last day of the show, and one today. So even if sales AT the show weren't up to my expectations, there will be at least a few orders as a result of the show. After all, people don't typically go traipsing around craft shows with their treasured family photos tucked under their arms, so it would be silly to expect them to order on the spot!

In the next few days, the flyer will be up on the website, and I'll post here when that happens.


Laura said...

So sorry to hear sales were awful. :( Doesn't bode well for the coming fall events. However, offering to weave the portraits may well turn into something good. Will keep fingers crossed!


Connie Rose said...

Sorry the show stunk -- it was bound to happen sooner or later with this economy. So glad about the after sales, though. Maybe you won't have to even do shows in future!

neki desu said...

the after sales portraits sound like a promising route