Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Fire Series Scarves

I took some pictures of the Fire Series Scarves. It was amazing how different each scarf looked when seen from the bright-light end of the table vs. the low-light end, or from the same angle but with or without flash.

I'm putting the two pictures of each scarf one after another. If you look at the pair, you'll see similarities, and also differences. One pair of images (both the same cloth, really!).

The second scarf:

The third scarf:

And the fourth scarf:

I've been really careful to match up the two views of each scarf, but it's difficult when they two views look so different! I can only go by the numbers that the camera assigns to each shot. And the camera doesn't lie.

People ask me why I go to so much trouble to create the interleaved threadings, since they're such a challenge to design, and then to thread. But I think it's worth every bit of the trouble, when the results are so amazingly changeable.


neki desu said...

i agree it's worth every bit of the trouble, the results are amazing.
plus the fringe benefit of keeping the mind oiled :)

Connie Rose said...

Definitely worth it, Sandra. This series is amazing. Well done!