Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Getting Ready ...

...for a lot of things.

First, the newlyweds are wet-finished, hemmed, equipped with hanging rod and monofilament, and ready to package up and ship:

And the jacquard loom is ready to begin the next weaving. I'm trying Alice Schlein's method of reattaching a warp to the apron rod: First, before cutting off the previous pieces, weave some plain weave, then weave in a dowel, weave some more plain weave, and apply a generous amount of fabric glue before and after the dowel. Cut off. Let the glue dry. Lash the dowel back onto the apron rod. I've used a combination of velcro straps and heavy crochet cotton.

Of course, this works great if the warp is well-tensioned at the point you cut off. If not, if the tension has got a bit wonky, my old tried-and-true lashing-on method is better because it allows you to make tension adjustments. But Alice's method is quicker and definitely easier on the hands:

Tomorrow, I'll try to post pictures of my entry in the 6X6X6 special exhibit in conjunction with the San Luis Obispo County Open Studios Art Tour. I've got some of the prep work done and photographed, but the final steps will be tomorrow's task.

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