Monday, September 20, 2010

I Wish a Fish, Part II

Warning: no fiber content...

Thursday and Friday, it rained nonstop. Good thing I brought lots of books! Saturday was clear enough for DH to take the boat out on the lake for some fishing.

He caught two nice cutthroat trout (so named because of the red stripe under the jaw), one 13 inches, the other 15 inches.

On Sunday, the fishing gods smiled again, and he landed this 17-inch beauty:

A very happy fisherman.

Me? I'm resting my hand. No casting or reeling on my list for a while. I've done lots of reading, and wandering around the lake with camera in hand (weather permitting). I might have a few future weavings on the camera card - I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

1 comment:

neki desu said...

that IS a happy man :)
hoping the weather gods are kind to you.
they hate us :(