Thursday, September 09, 2010

A Very Small Weaving

This piece was woven as my entry in the 6x6x6 exhibit being mounted in conjunction with the San Luis Obispo County Open Studios Art Tour (about which more info is available here). Each artist participating in Open Studios was asked to create a work no more than 6 inches in any dimension.

You might have seen my entry on the loom here. And this is a closeup of the piece, after wet finishing:

I reinforced the cloth with a lightweight, iron-on, nonwoven interfacing:

DH made a sturdy wood frame 5-7/8 by 5-7/8 inches on a side, to allow room for the layers of cloth at the corners, where the seams fold back (if it exceeds 6 inches, your piece is disqualified):

Today, I stitched the corners, trimmed the seam allowance, and slid the cloth over the frame. DH helped me staple the edges of the cloth to the back of the frame. This is what the finished piece looks like:

I love the way the image continues around the corners! DH made a beautiful little footed redwood burl bowl for the exhibit:

Due date? Tomorrow afternoon. We'll be dropping off both pieces in San Luis on our way to Los Angeles. I'm giving a program at the Southern California Handweavers Guild Saturday morning. If you're in the LA area, and would like to learn about interleaved threadings, be there! The meeting starts at 9:00 a.m., and the program will begin after the business meeting concludes.


Anonymous said...

Great work on your corners! The weaving fits the frame exactly.

Connie Rose said...

Awesome, Sandra. And so is the bowl!

neki desu said...

impressive corners, weaving goes without saying :)
are the bowl and the weaving an ensable? the look very well together the contrast of textures and the way some colors from the bowl are picked up in the weaving

Merna said...

What a beautiful small piece, Sandra! I'm looking forward to seeing you at tomorrow's SCHG meeting.

Benita said...

Wow! Tell your husband that bowl is stunning! And the six-inch woven art is beautiful. Aren't creative families wonderful?