Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back to the Wood Scarves

Today I finished weaving the last inch of the Petunias, and then the top hem plus a quarter-inch or so of waste yarn. I've chosen a monochrome image (hence single shuttle) to weave this weekend, so I wove the bottom hem of that and the first inch of the image itself. I'll be prepared to show the crowds who show up for the Open Studios Art Tour bright and early on Saturday how a jacquard loom works. This is the image (Luna, courtesy of NASA), indexed to 9 shades of grey, with 10-end shaded satin weaves applied:

After that I did a little light housekeeping, so the studio will be dust-bunny-free for the Open Studios visitors (how often does that happen?), then went back to the 24-shaft loom to finish Wood Scarf 2 and begin Wood Scarf 3. Here's #2 as it wends its way under the loom onto the cloth storage beam:

Not as overly subtle as I feared it might be. You can see all the color blends - mid brown warp, warm beige warp, cool beige warp, cool beige weft (just a tad darker than the warp it's closest to). I think these scarves will be very handsome after finishing, although that won't happen for a few days yet. I'm only on #3, and there's enough warp for five. Plus a busy weekend coming up during which I'll be lucky to get an inch or two of #3 woven.


woolcat said...

I love the wood scarf! Beautiful! Enjoy your busy weekend.

Benita said...

That wood scarf reminds me of tiger maple. I really like it.

To weave the moon - how romantic!