Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dogwood Tree

This weaving is based on an image of dogwood blossoms. In the original photo, they're the peachy pink variety; here's how it looked after indexing to 9 colors (black, white, 3 greens and 4 peaches):

I wove a small sample (a strip out of the middle of the image) using what I thought were the right yarn colors, only to find that my delicate peachy pink faded into a dirty grey in the weave. So I substituted a bright orange-red, and I like the results much more, although it has lost its resemblance to dogwood somewhat.

I'm learning so much about combining colors in the weave so that the part of the image I want to stand out really does. The choice of hue and value is absolutely critical, and that's the part of the process where I'm most likely to fail. But then, mistakes, not successes, are where I learn the most.

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