Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wood Scarf #3 Again

Here's a look at #3 on its way onto the cloth storage beam:

What looked (again) too subtle as I wove it became more distinct when seen under the loom. It's made up of alternating single and double oval shapes, each set a slightly different color than the next because the design lines shift up a shaft or two each time they repeat. These interleaved threadings are great for getting surprising variations with only as much effort as it takes to shift the design by a few shafts! Gotta love "easy!"

Because attendance was light today, with rain on and off the whole day, the moon is also completed, so I'm ready to start on a new jacquard design tomorrow. I've got at least 20 queued up, so it's only a question of which ones I have the right yarn colors for. The others will require some dye work before they can reach the top of the queue.

The most interesting (and interested) group that came through our studios was a small troup of Boy Scouts. The troop leader had phoned on Friday asking if it was okay for him to bring some Scouts on Sunday. Apparently, they have an ART badge, so Open Studios is fodder for the mill (as it were). The troop leader said it would only be 4 boys so of course I said "No problem! Bring 'em!" As it turned out it was more like 8 boys (aged perhaps 10?) and an equal number of dads and moms. The studio was quite crowded, and I think the parents got more out of watching the demo than the Scouts, but a couple of the Scouts asked very intelligent, to-the-point questions, so they were listening and watching closely.

Several of the moms & dads took away copies of the "Woven Portraits" flyer, so there might be some business to be had in future.

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neki desu said...

when kids are cool they can be very cool .
love the subtleties of the scarf.