Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Wood Series Scarves

I'm chugging away on the 24-shaft loom, currently working on the second in the series:

The weft is a grey/brown that is very similar in color to the greyest of the warp yarns (see here for a picture of the cones of yarn before beaming). The effect is very subtle. I expect that after wet finishing, the scarves will just glow with slightly varying color in wood-grain-like patterns. Think fiddle-back maple...

The hand must be getting better - I was able to weave 1,000 picks today without any complaints from the gouty fingers. On previous days, I kept the count under 500; maybe the rest helped.


Laura Fry said...

Good to hear your hand is improving. :)

the 'code' word for this comment is 'intiers'....hmmmmm

neki desu said...

good to hear your hand's collaborating