Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Watching Yarn Dry

I'd forgotten how long it takes to dry big skeins of cotton. The warp skeins are nearly dry, but the weft skeins (which only got rinsed this afternoon) are still very damp. You'll have to wait at least another day for pictures of the wefts.

Here are the warp skeins on the drying rack on the studio balcony:

You can see that they're drying a lot lighter than they were when wet - as expected with cotton. The color is still bright and vivid, though. And I'm very pleased that the small skein in the middle turned out to be very close in hue and value to the warp. That one will be the weft for the towel hems.

While waiting for all the towel yarn to dry, I started up the jacquard loom and began a new version of the maple leaves. I've sold two earlier versions, so I figured it couldn't hurt to have another one in stock. This one uses a different yarn for the red leaves, and the original file was tweaked before I applied the weaves, so it isn't an exact copy of either of the first two.

Because it's only 2 shuttles, the weaving goes fairly quickly, and I finished weaving the top hem before I quit for the day.


neki desu said...

maple leaves? pretty!

Sharon said...

Sandra, thanks for posting the skein holders information you got from Michele. I went to Home Depot last weekend to buy what I needed to make them. Finally, I said to the man there that I was using the wire in a non-traditional way. "That's what I figured" said he.