Sunday, December 05, 2010

Playing with Blocks

Blocks are a lot of fun. With 5-end satin, on 20 shafts (4 of the loom's 24 are reserved for selvedge) I have 4 threading blocks. The current warp is long enough for 15 towels, but I already have more drafts than 15, so it's time to pick and choose.

Here's towel #6, which uses alternating 1/4 and 4/1 blocks (A and C are one flavor, B and D are the other). The threading block size is based on Fibonacci sequences, and the treadling blocks are either just warp-wise stripes or have weft-wise stripe sequences also based on Fibonacci. The subsequence I'm using for both warp and weft is 2, 3, 5; 2 equals 2 groups of 5-end satin (10 total ends or picks), and so on.

In towel #7, I've used all 4 possible flavors of 5-end satin, arranged in warp-wise stripes. Because the weft is slightly different from the warp in both hue and value, the shaded satin stripes show up better than they did in towel #4


Pracownia na Kaszubach said...

Beautiful job. I watch with joy :)

DebbieB said...

OH, towel 7 is my favorite thus far!