Monday, December 13, 2010

Unpacking Day, and an Early Christmas

We arrived home midafternoon after the trip south from San Francisco. You don't need the details about the unpacking task - I'm sure you can imagine what fun we had...

Here are a couple of images from the show:

I can't remember whether I ever posted pictures of that pink rose hanging above the rolling pins and pepper grinders, and I'm too lazy (and too tired) to go look it up. anyway, here's a closeup:

This is 10-end shaded satin using only two yarn colors (well, sort of). The warp is of course black, and the weft is made up of multiple strands of very fine silk in shades of red - fuchsia, scarlet, red-orange - so the weaving is much more lively and rich than if I'd just used a single strand of fuchsia the size of those 3 combined. With a spotlight on it, the image just glowed. Several people admired it greatly, but nobody took it home with them :-(

After we unloaded the van, we found two boxes of yarn on the doorstep - the early Christmas part of the day.

One box held some 20/2 cotton, 20/2 tencel/cotton, and 120/2 (or finer) silk from the Etsy shop of Connie Rose (thanks, Connie!) and one held 5 huge cones of gorgeous 20/2 rayon from Franklin, whose eBay store is "textiles4u." He offers great yarns at fair prices and very fast service. This rayon is super lustrous, and is dyed in wonderful colors that will be very useful in future jacquard projects. I chose some beautiful red, green, and blue, plus a bronze and a sweet rosy pink. Yum! You'll see these on the loom soon!

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Unknown said...

Frank has his business near me in NC. I love his 20/2 rayon. Used it as weft in my yardage win at the Blue Ridge Fiber Show. The colors are very nice and the price is wonderful also. I can go directly to his warehouse and see everything in person. He's a nice man.
Teena Tuenge