Thursday, March 03, 2011

Good News

The curator of the Olive Hyde Art Gallery in Fremont, CA, emailed today to say that she wants all 6 of the pieces of which I submitted images for the gallery's upcoming 43rd Annual Textile Exhibit. Great news, indeed, especially since she kindly said my pieces were "...some of my absolute favorite work."

However, this good news means I'll have to get the jacquard loom warped quickly. One of the images was of a piece that has been sold, so I'll have to weave another one before the date the work has to be dropped off at the gallery. I got half the sections beamed today, and should be able to finish the other half tomorrow. Then the knotting of new warp onto old warp, and pulling through the heddles begins...

In the meantime, I'm still working my way through the stack of pieces that came of the most recent jacquard warp, and doing the requisite hemming and hanging. Here's an image of tulips that you might have gotten glimpses of when it was on the loom:

This one is showing some distortion in the areas where the green yarn is on the face of the cloth at its maximum float length. This is a 9-end satin, so in the most weft-faced areas, the weft travels under 1 warp and over 8. At 51 epi, this is not really that long a float. I suspect that what's happened is that in the wet finishing, the red and gold wefts shrank just a tiny bit more than the green, leaving the green enough wiggle room to stray off the straight horizontal line.

I don't really mind this effect. It adds some texture to what would otherwise be fairly large areas of solid green.


neki desu said...

not good news, but wonderful news!!
ha! you're creating texture without extraneous aid, not like others:) see my post today.

Alice said...

I like the texture in the green, too. Beautiful piece!