Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Fern's Rock Wall

A fellow member of Designing Weavers, Fern Benson, sent me a photo of a rock wall that I thought would make a wonderful weaving. The copy she sent first was a greyscale image, which would be easy to weave with a white weft on a black warp. However, rocks usually have subtle yet interesting coloration, so I asked for the full-color version of the photo. Here it is, with the colors pushed toward warm beige tones in Photoshop, and indexed to 10 hues (5 beiges and 4 greys, plus black) as shown in the color chips at the bottom of the image.

This is the lower third of the weaving:

And the middle third:

I will finish the weaving today, and move on to something else.

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neki desu said...

i am partial to rocks and stones