Sunday, June 05, 2011

Rocks Again, and Another View of the Barrel

I'm still in the throes of plying the fringes on the crepe and double-faced-satin stripe scarves, but that's an activity that's a bit hard on the hands, even though I'm using a battery-powered twister for part of the process. So I only complete one end of a scarf before taking a break to do something else.

Yesterday the "something else" was the beginning of a new jacquard piece, based on a photo of some boulders on a beach. Two wefts, pale grey-blue and a pinky beige, both about the same value. The usual black warp (what else?).

Today, after the morning's fringe session, I wove most of the rest of the boulders. Here's the upper part of the weaving:

By the time I got to the top hem, I could see the previous piece under the loom. This is most (but not all) of the wine barrel:

The lighting isn't very good under the loom, even with the aid of a small Ott-lite lamp sitting on the floor near the piece, so the contrast level shown in the photo doesn't do the piece justice. You'll probably see it again after this run of work is cut off the loom, wet-finished, and mounted.

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