Monday, August 08, 2011

Tools of the Trade

When I've got a stack of scarves that need their fringes plied, these are the tools that I use:

First and foremost, the (mostly PVC) plying stand that DH built, which holds the end of the scarf very firmly so I can get enough tension to twist evenly.

Next, the battery-powered twister from Conair, followed by a seam ripper (for picking out the waste yarn wefts a few inches at a time), thread snips, a comb (for combing the fringe so it's easier to count or measure warp ends for each bout, and a small ruler. Sometimes I count warp ends, sometimes I measure, and sometimes I just guesstimate. Depends how fine the yarn is, or simply how I feel at the time...

Tomorrow I'll finish the last of the fringes, wash and press the scarves, and then print labels for them.

In between spurts of fringe twisting, I finished beaming the last of the 32 sections of the warp on the jacquard loom:

I can only twist a small number of bouts of fringe in a stretch, or my hands complain the next day.


Connie Rose said...

Wow, Conair makes a fringe twister...who woulda thunk! I used to do it by hand (like everything else)!

Diana said...

Do you hemstitch on the loom to hold the weft in place before you hemstitch or is the waste weft enough to hold it?

Diana said...

That was do you hemstitch before you fringe twist?