Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Glacir Bay National Park, Alaska

Early sun on glacier:

Glacier calving; the big, bluest chunk had just begun to hit the water:

Just to give you a sense of the scale of the place; the Holland-America cruise ship is *huge* but the face of this glacier is even taller.

If you want to visit Glacier Bay, don't do it on one of the big ships. Our ship, the Lindblad/National Geographic Sea Bird, spent the whole day in Glacier Bay (we had a 24-hour permit) and visited Johns Hopkins Inlet, Tarr Inlet, and Muir Inlet (3 major fjords). The H-A ship came in, performed a stately pirouette, and left again; this is probably the only glacier they got really close to.


Alice said...

Not that anyone could take a *bad* picture of a glacier, but these are really extraordinary.

Connie Rose said...

Awesome photos ~ thanks for sharing!

Margreet said...

Oh, getting so close and surrounded by all this must have been magical. Lots of inspiration for weaving??

neki desu said...

ohh you've got to use those blues!

Anonymous said...

What Alice said!