Sunday, October 16, 2011

Visit to the Missoula Weaving Guild

Yesterday afternoon, I attended the Missoula Weaving Guild meeting. It was great fun to see my friend Bonnie Tarses, and to meet the other guild members who were at the meeting. Best of all, of course, was the "show and tell" experience.

Here's Bonnie, modeling three of her recent horoscope weavings. One of the three shawls was woven with a bamboo warp and a weft of recycled cashmere - I didn't want to let go of it, the hand was so luscious!

There was an absolutely adorable hand-knit baby sock (I'm sorry I didn't catch the name of the maker):

One of the members apologized for her work, saying that she's just a beginner. The apology was really unnecessary. She showed two shawls made with natural dark grey yarn from her alpaca herd; both are gorgeous. One has beads spaced randomly in the weft, and a beaded fringe. This one has randomly-laid-in locks of dyed alpaca (or maybe mohair?) adding the perfect accent. Just look at the even beat, and the straight selvedges!

I told her that she should never apologize for being a beginner; we were all beginners at some point, after all. My first loom was a rigid heddle, and I wove on it for several months before venturing on to a treadle loom.

There was also a spectacularly gauzy hand-knit lace shawl, but unfortunately I didn't get a photo of it. If you wait a week or so and check the guild's website, you'll find a link to the October newsletter near the bottom of the page. I'm sure there will be photos of all the items in it.

I always love having an opportunity to meet other weavers, dyers, and spinners and to be inspired by their creativity and skill. Thanks to you all for your hospitality!

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Silvinha said...

Hi Sandra, I am hand weaving from Brazil, your blog are great