Monday, November 14, 2011

But Can She Type?

Luckily, the keyboard is on a sliding shelf just under the worksurface, or Gracie would try valiantly to type on it. As it is, her secretarial skills are limited to being a paperweight, not helping with paperwork. She's also very good at leaving wisps of fur on everything (she sheds like mad, even now that the weather is turning cooler).

It's a damp and foggy morning, or she'd be outside enjoying the fresh air and terrorizing the smaller wildlife in the area (lizards, birds, gophers, etc.) instead of lazing around the office.


Connie Rose said...

But her beauty makes up for her lack of useable office skills!

Anonymous said...

She looks very comfortably installed there! I'm glad she's not helping with the typing. Phoebus has a knack for finding the key combination which inverts the screen display - I can never remember it and it's hard to google for the solution when everything is upside down and reversed!