Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On to the Next Shawl

The second shawl on the warp is woven, and winding onto the cloth storage beam:

The third shawl is just begun. The weft for this one is a royal blue fine (40/2) wool. The treadling is similar to the second shawl, but instead of many large curves in a row, this one has a large curve followed by one-and-a-half small ones, then another large one.

Plus, another jacquard piece has been mended, finished, and backed, and sent off to its destination.

Oh, remember the package that UPS let the elephant sit on? When I replaced the bent hanging rod and reshipped the parcel, I was promised that the parcel would arrive in Pennsylvania yesterday by the end of the business day. It finally reached its destination today at 12:45pm. Now UPS is processing a refund for failing to get it there on schedule. Turns out the package reached the Philadelphia airport at 12:30am Monday morning, sat around for 36 hours, then was delivered. I guess I'll be making friends with the folks at FedEx soon...

1 comment:

Alice said...

It looks like the marks left by a circular sander on a metal surface. Lovely!

…and what can brown do for you :-(