Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No Weaving, Just Finishing

I want to send the recently woven portraits to their recipients before we leave for Los Angeles for the holiday, so the last couple of days have been spent on finishing work.

The portrait of my Uncle Lewis and Aunt Dora is going to Dora, the sweetest woman I know, who lives in a nursing home following a series of strokes; Lew passed away in 2008, and I hope this picture will keep her company and remind her of the happy times they had together.

This long-ago portrait of Lewis is going to my cousin (Lew's son) as a thank-you for putting us up back in July during the Bellevue Art Museum show. I had woven a copy of the image before we added the new modules to the loom, but it didn't turn out well - the weft yarn shrank more in finishing than the warp, so the aspect ratio was way off. This iteration captures the image much more accurately:

And the portrait of Aunt Aileen with me and my sister will have to wait until after Christmas. I won't see my sister until January, which is good because I want to get this framed, which means a negotiation and a waiting period for framing.

If I don't have another chance before the holiday begins in earnest, I wish you all a happy holiday season (whichever flavor you celebrate). Spend time with friends and family, that's my recommendation!


Laura Fry said...

Best wishes to you and yours.


Anonymous said...

Happy holidays to you too! Hope you have a lovely restful time.