Monday, December 05, 2011

Playing with Weave Drafts

One of the things I love to do is play with a weave draft, to see how many different designs I can come up with that share a common threading but are different enough to make each piece woven on that threading unique.

The threading I'm playing with has 2 warps, arranged in an almost-parallel fashion:

The networked design line consists of a big swoopy curve; the second one is offset from the first both horizontally (by 8 threads) and vertically (by 9 shafts).

Without changing the basic tie-up, but by applying different treadlings, I've got these designs, which are just 5 of many possibilities:

It's a lot of fun. It's also a huge time sink...kinda like trolling the Internet...


Laura Fry said...

I hear you about the time sink - but computers have really allowed weavers to explore a huge number of different possibilities in a much shorter time than doing it by hand on graph paper. :)

Anne Niles Davenport said...

Oh yes, how well I know that time sink! And how much I love doing just what you're talking about. It's why I decided to enter the world of computer-assisted weaving several years ago. Haven't once regretted it. Love those swirls!

Dianne said...

Beautiful, each so different from the other.

Benita said...

I adore the second one with all those circles!

Alice said...

Time well spent. #2 is a clear winner, IMHO.

Connie Rose said...

Oh yes, the circle draft is the BEST!

neki desu said...

absolutely nÂș2!
wouldn't have learned so much about weaving and design w/out those huge time sinks at the computer.blackening squares on graph paper? shudder, shudder.