Thursday, January 05, 2012

Warping Towels

This is the overall view of the operation. Here I'm winding 4 threads at a time onto the warping wheel to create a 1-inch section:

The cones are on the floor at the back of the loom, and the threads go up, behind, and over one of the warp separator beams (helps keep the threads from twisting around one another).

Here, 3 sections are wound onto the beam, and the section guides (made of vinyl tubing) are positioned for the 4th section:

The remainder of the day was spent debugging a problem with a jacquard draft. If you haven't used Woven Pixel techniques to work with weave drafts, the details won't be important. Only the frustration level counts! However, fortune bent my way in the end, and the problem's solved. Onward!


Beryl Moody said...

I'm going to try your method of keeping the yarns separate while winding multiple strands. I've tried using a stationery paddle, but not with great results. Thanks for the photo.

Anonymous said...

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