Friday, March 23, 2012

Out of the Dyepot

These five skeins are drying on the balcony. One more is in the tumble dryer; I'll cycle them all through the dryer to hasten the process.

I missed the deadline to enter the ballet shoes in the Complex Weavers' exhibit Glamour, Glitter, Glitz (or rather, never had a hope of meeting the deadline) so I've entered another piece in that exhibit. Now I'm moving on to the next deadline.

The next show I want to enter is ITAB (International TECHstyle Art Biennial) at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. I started with an image of a silk scarf I wove a couple of years ago (could have been 2008). I used the photo as an exhibit application image for quite a while.

In Repper, I used the selection tool to generate a series of kaleidoscopic views of portions of the photo. Then in Photoshop, I went through the usual steps to convert the JPG file from Repper into jacquard design files. Here's just one of the Repper versions, indexed to 11 hues (some fuchsia, some gold, some red/orange):

I'm hoping to weave four different versions, each very different from the others but all related because they're based on the same cloth. I've better get going as the deadline is April 2. Which is why I'm resorting to the dryer!

I'd also like to enter an animation based on movements of the Repper selection square around the frame but that'll happen only if there's time. Well, I may make the animation anyway, even if it misses the deadline.

The series needs a title. Something about recycling pixels... Any ideas?


Dianne said...

Umm ... stirred not shaken

neki desu said...

glorious colors!

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about weaving a picture of the photo of the draped fabric? A woven image of a woven image.

Sandra Rude said...

Hi, Teresa, I have, but only briefly. There are at least a couple of artists working along those lines. One of them being Lia Cook, before she began working with images of herself as a child. Another artist (can't remember her name) uses images of knit or woven cloth obtained with a very high power microscope. It wouldn't be a good idea to submit work in that vein to an exhibit at a museum that regularly shows both their works... so I'm trying to come up with new ideas instead.

Laura Fry said...

Delicious colours! :)