Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is Here!

The Lion King, however, refuses to acknowledge that fact. He's holding onto his winter coat for a while longer, in case he'll need that magnificent ruff and the fluffy tail for a few more weeks.

He's even got fur between his toes to keep his feet warm! When we lived in San Jose, he shed out all that fur as soon as the weather began to get warmer. Here, he hangs onto the winter coat as long as possible. In fact, several years he hasn't lost it at all.


Sheila Carey said...

Oh, but he looks so soft! And he knows that "coastal" weather never gets really hot.

I think a woven portrait of him would be a winner. :-)

Connie Rose said...

He's a beauty. Is he a Maine Coon?

neki desu said...

great idea that of fur between the toes :)

Sandra Rude said...

We're 12 miles inland, so the weather CAN get very hot - often 105-110(F) at midday from May through early October. The sea breeze cools things off at night, though, down to the 50s even on those hot days.

Tim came from the animal shelter, so I've no way of knowing his ancestry. He does look a lot like an earlier cat, who was a Norwegian Forest Cat (similar to a Maine Coon).